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By Lee Williams

(Photo from licensed Shutterstock account).by Lee WilliamsJoe Biden flipflops on violent crime rates — sometimes they’re going up, sometimes they’re going down — depending on who is in the audience. He uses two vastly different data sources to create his mixed messages.Biden cites FBI data when trying to convince voters that crime is not out of control, so they feel safe in their communities and reelect him to office. But when he panders to the gun-ban industry, advocates for an “assault weapon” ban, or announces yet another infringement of the Second Amendment as part of his ongoing war on guns, Biden cites mass-shooting data from the Gun Violence Archive.To be clear, the Gun Violence Archive, which has been widely debunked, collects much more than just mass-shooting data, but Biden never uses any of these statistics. He only cherry-picks GVA’s mass-shooting data, for obvious reasons. The other data shows violent crime has exploded during his presidency — especially when compared to President Donald J. Trump’s term in office.“Crime is either up or it’s down, but Joe wants to have it both ways, depending upon who he’s talking to,” said nationally syndicated talk radio host, Mark Walters, who first spotted the trend.

Source: The Gun Writer

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