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This report is from Bryan Litz and the website.
As long as there have been rifles, there has been a debate as to how much – if any – the rifle moves prior to the bullet exiting the bore. The first video below shows a Barrett MRAD chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum firing a 300gr Lapua Scenar bullet. Capturing projectiles at 100k+ frames per second allows us to visualize aspects of the firing sequence that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.
Click Video to see barrel with suppressor (on right) move with recoil before bullet exits.

What is clear from this video is that the rifle system is moving rearward while the bullet is traveling through barrel and subsequently through the suppressor. During the “in-bore” portion of bullet travel, any deviation of the muzzle orientation from the initial point of aim can cause a point of impact change. This is because the bullet will exit while the barrel is pointed somewhere different than when the shot was initially fired. Much of the shot’s point-of-aim orientation can be maintained through consistent marksmanship fundamentals and recoil management techniques. However, most shooters are not likely capable of managing it to less than 0.001″ for

Source: Accurate Shooter

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