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By Tim

What do you do when a couple armed thugs want your ride and show they have a gun? Do this.

While many people do carry concealed everywhere they go, the question can come to mind as what are you going to do it in a rolling carjacking situation?

Here are some tips from some different sources:

The first element of the Mindset phase is preparation, finding out about the methodology of the attack, case histories, news items. From this go into a planning stage, where you do a series of “what ifs”. Mental visualization is essential; “see” yourself performing in the situation. Next comes rehearsal where you go through simulated attacks in a scenario situation. Ideally, you would do this under professional supervision, but tactically minded friends/colleagues could set these up for you. The final phase is situational awareness, used when actually operating- Discussion Forum.

In other words the first thing that you can possibly do is get your mind set ready for such a situation as this. If you are mentally prepared than your response will be quicker and smoother without the hesitation. The man’s response in this video was quick and accurate …read more

Source:: GunsNFreedom

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