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By John Falkenberg

When I tell folks that I write for a website dedicated to concealed carry and responsible armament, they will ask me, more often than not:

“So, what do you carry?”

Of course, I then have to answer them with an obnoxious answer: I carry a relatively obscure, semi-compact handgun that is rarely carried based off of another “path less traveled by” firearm that’s not very often carried.

So the question I get all the time is, “What’s a Tristar T-100?”

That’s a completely valid question, and it brings up a really important point — there are tons of awesome firearms out there, and often we don’t pay attention to the less mainline firearms series.

I thought I would take a moment to put out a video that YouTuber Sootch00 made and published a little over two years ago — it’s very well done, and gives great information on a firearm that, in my humble opinion, really ought to be a better-known defensive tool and fun shoot.

Even more than that — I want to ask you, the audience-at-large — what’s that handgun or long gun that you keep or love that is a little less common? Please let us know in the comments section on …Read the Rest

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