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By Tom Knighton

No one wants to take our guns away.

No, really, I’ve been told time and time again that no one wants to take our guns away. Gun control activists just want some “common sense gun reforms” but have no interest in taking away our guns.

But then at this past weekend’s anti-gun protests in Washington, D.C., the NRA got a hold of this prize. Between the “I want to repeal the Second Amendment” and the woman trying to argue people carrying guns have small penises, the NRA got a whole lot of derp in one video.

Yesterday was #Saturday, which means our HQ employees were at home enjoying the sun with their family and friends. Meanwhile, #misinformed #gun-grabbing #protestors were chatting with our social media team. As promised, here is part 1 of 3. Stay tuned! Happy watching!

— NRA (@NRA) August 5, 2018

As Beth Baumann argues over at Townhall:

Apparently the rest of us missed the memo, but loving the Second Amendment now means you have a small penis. What about those of us who are women? What are we “overcompensating” for?

Of course, then you have this one who seems to …Read the Rest

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