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By Dean Weingarten

Man shooting birdshot at grizzly charging

Arizona -( There has been some difficulty in running the original JLM video. Here is a link to the video through the Daily Mail.

A video is circulating of a man stopping a grizzly bear charge with birdshot. The attack and defense occurred before 14 October, 2018. The attack was in British Columbia. The bear was only momentarily stopped, but the shot gave enough time for the man to reach the safety of his house. If you study the screenshot of JLM firing his last shot, you can see he is aiming low, towards the legs. JLM confirms that was his intention. From

I didn’t want to blind the sow by hitting her in the face so I aimed at her right side to hopefully trip her up to buy me enough time to run inside the house. I waited as long as I could, backpedalling and losing my right Croc, almost tripping me up, until she was just across the driveway and then I shot, which did trip her up so I turned and ran inside the house.

Man shooting birdshot at grizzly charging

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