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LAPD SWAT officers have to be prepared for all scenarios, so when they were called upon to take out a home invasion suspect from a helicopter during a tense six-hour standoff last week, they got the job done. It marked the first time the LAPD SWAT team had opened fire from a helicopter hovering over a scene, the department announced.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it all began on Monday morning at around 9 a.m. when a woman woke up to an intruder inside her Sunland-Tujunga house. She managed to escape through a bedroom window and call the police, informing them that there were multiple guns in the home.

Officers arrived at the scene and—after looking through a window—determined that the suspect had armed himself with one of the firearms inside the residence. That’s when a SWAT team was called in.

SWAT officers surrounded the house and used a bullhorn to try to get the intruder to surrender, but he wouldn’t budge.

The option for taking a shot at the suspect from the ground didn’t present itself, due to the fact that …Read the Rest

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