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By TheFireArmGuy

I’ve been running a series the past couple months called, “Handgun Showdown.” Handgun Showdown features two handgun manufacturers that allow the viewers to decide which company produces the best handguns. From the onset of this series, viewers passionately defended or tore apart various manufacturers based on their experiences. This series has been competitive but a lot of fun.

This “Handgun Showdown” features Walther Arms versus Ruger. Both Walther and Ruger are highly respected firearm companies that produce a wide array of quality handguns. Each company has their strengths and weaknesses along with a large following of loyal fans. This “Handgun Showdown” will be a close match.

Video Showdown further below.

Let’s start with Walther Arms. The Walther PPQ is their flagship handgun model. It’s a compact size, polymer frame pistol with incredible ergonomics along with a short and light trigger pull. The Walther PPQ has been so well received that most of Walther’s handgun lineup is based from the PPQ.

Walther CCP M2

Also featured from
Walther is the CCP M2 which is a single stack (eight rounds)
gas-delayed blowback pistol which produces a soft shooting experience
and the Walther PPQ subcompact. Each of these Walther handguns strike
the core of the concealed carry market and in my opinion, …Read the Rest

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