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By Beth Baumann

Source: New York Post
Source: New York Post

The mainstream media is quick to make every gun owner in America look like a crazy person for wanting to defend their Second Amendment rights. In fact, most of the time, the mainstream media promotes the gun control agenda. The New York Post just broke that stereotype in the best way possible: by talking about Black Guns Matter, a movement started by Maj Toure, that tours across the country in an effort to “educate and inform urban communities on 2nd Amendment rights and responsibilities.”

Toure explained his Second Amendment passion to the Daily Mail.

‘Growing up, people always told me that firearms were bad, and that if you have a firearm you either have to be the bad guy or you are law enforcement.

‘That’s a lie. It’s just not true. The problem is the lack of information and education about firearms and safety in urban areas.

‘There is a deliberate attempt to keep that information away from these highly populated areas because it’s not about gun control, it’s about people control.

‘However, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence claims stats suggest removing guns from cities works better, saying ‘guns make violent situations deadly.’

Toure also pointed …Read the Rest

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