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By Tom Knighton

No one is about to mistake Bill Maher for a conservative any time soon. He’s a liberal and he knows it, he embraces it, and he doesn’t back down from it.

However, he’s also someone who isn’t afraid to call his own side out for their BS when they start spreading it. In this video, he does that quite a bit. I urge you to watch the whole thing as he moderates between rapper Killer Mike and Robert Reich.

Now, while I disagree with Killer Mike that black America is living in a tyranny, it does bring up an excellent point, one that Maher touches on as well. That point is if tyranny is either coming or here, why should anyone give up their guns? If you’re convinced the police and the government are so awful, why are they the only ones who should have guns?

Killer Mike actually presents what is, I think, a solid case for progressives to oppose gun control.

As S.H. Blannelberry notes over at Guns America:

The 2A is not about hunting. It’s about keeping tyranny in check. Maher gets this. And he is wondering why more Lefties aren’t …Read the Rest

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