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By Erich Pratt

The battle to defend your 2A rights in 2024 has only just begun
Thanks to your support, GOA and our allies are beating the anti-gun extremists in court.
Yesterday, a federal judge held that California’s required background checks on ammunition sales violated the Second Amendment, and ordered California to stop enforcing that law.
And earlier in January, GOA’s attorneys were part of a team effort to strike down several “Gun-Free Zones” in California. We successfully encouraged a panel on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to prevent anti-gunners from enforcing their ban on carrying firearms throughout much of the state.
Our battle to defend your God-given rights in 2024 has only just begun. We’re fighting the anti-gun lobby all across the nation, and at all levels – all the way to the Supreme Court!
But to keep beating the well-funded anti-gun machine and their army of bloodthirsty lawyers, bureaucrats, and lobbyists, we humbly rely on the support of gun owners like YOU to ensure we have the resources to stay in every single battle until the bitter end.
Please make a contribution to GOA’s Legal Defense Fund to help us keep winning the fight to defend your Second Amendment rights in court all throughout 2024.
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Source: Gun Owners of America

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