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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners throughout the nation are begging to ban the AR-15 and similar style rifles. They want them gone. Completely and totally. It’s so bad that they want all semi-auto rifles gone as well in many cases.

But left-leaning publication Vice doesn’t want to ban AR-15s. They seem to believe that the ship has already set sail on that one.

No, they have another idea that’s just as idiotic.

AR-15-style rifles has been involved in a number of notorious mass shootings in recent years, from Parkland to Las Vegas to Orlando to Sandy Hook, to name just a few. Given the gun’s prominence as “mass shooters’ weapon of choice,” some Americans have been clamoring for a federal ban on the sale and ownership of them. Versions of the weapon, modeled as the consumer-facing, semiautomatic version of the military service automatic rifle M-16, has already been banned in a few states and municipalities across the country, and sales of certain models were made illegal nationwide in 1994 by the federal assault weapons ban. But in 2004, Congress declined to renew that legislation and the gun became more widely available, surging …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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