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By Jared Morgan

“Silkies 2.0” with AR pocket (Photo: Chasing Death Apparel)
For Marine Corps veteran Nester Pro, nothing feels better than a hardcore physical training session, and “you’ve got to be wearing the silkies.”
Pro started selling the “Silkies 2.0” exercise shorts through his company, Chasing Death Apparel, and pimping his brand on Facebook in military-focused groups and Instagram. One Facebook group Pro frequented until recently, called Mendleton, a play off of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, is a military men’s only closed group with almost 37,000 members. An admin from the group recently booted Pro. More on that later.    
Marines have a special bond with the sheer material short-shorts. Called Ranger panties by some outside of the Marine Corps community, “silkies,” as they’re affectionately known to Devil Dogs, are probably shorter than any pair of shorts a decent human being would wear. But Marines, especially infantry Marines like Pro, pride themselves on being high-octane lunatics who aspire to offend anyone with normal sensibilities, some wearing silkies two sizes too small to enhance the way the silky fabric accentuates their crotches and its contents.
“It’s satisfying to know that everybody around you can see the shape of your genitals and is doing everything in their power


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