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By Tom Knighton

Vermont gun owners are less than pleased with their state government and really, can anyone blame them?

From an outsider’s perspective, at least, the state was relatively pro-gun for a long time despite being in New England, a bastion of anti-gun sentiment, and managing just fine. Crime was low, people were safe, and guns were relatively unrestricted. Yet in the post-Parkland insanity, the state switched gears completely and went full gun grabber.


Now, a group of Vermont gun owners is fighting back by challenging the state’s magazine capacity law in court.

Gun rights activists will be in court Tuesday, arguing the state’s ban on high-capacity magazines violates Article 16 of the Vermont Constitution. That article provides the right to have a gun for self-defense.

The lawsuit was filed soon after Vermont’s ban took effect last year.

Vermont law experts say it will be a tough fight to find the restriction unconstitutional.

Unfortunately, that’s probably right.

We understand that magazine limits restrict our ability to defend ourselves, but how many others understand that? How many times have you heard someone pop off with, “How many rounds do you need to defend yourself, anyway?” or, “If you need more than 10 rounds, you need to practice …Read the Rest

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