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By Jacki Billings

The MPC Trigger Assembly comes in a variety of colors to include red, pictured above. (Photo: Velocity Triggers)
Velocity Triggers introduces a new drop-in trigger assembly, the Marksman Performance Choice, designed to work alongside all AR platforms. The company said the latest addition to its inventory features removable trigger shoes positioned 1/2-inch forward for “faster acquisition.”
The design allows for rotation on the axis so shooters can achieve the perfect finger fit. Machined to a 3/8-inch width, the triggers will be offered in three shapes — curved, straight or straight with finger stop. Each is offered with a radius or flat face serrations and six color options to include anodized black, blue or red and Cerakote Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Pink. The trigger is tuned to either 3- or 4-pound pull weight.
The straight, left, curved, middle, and straight with finger stop, right, offer more options to consumers looking to trick out their ARs. (Photo: Velocity Triggers)
Velocity says all major trigger parts are machined in-house with the hammer, trigger and disconnect cut from tool steel with a Wire EDM process. The three are then heat treated for durability. The hammer and disconnect then get an extra treatment with Robar’s NP3 metal


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