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By Philip Van Cleave

Bumpski Bumpr Fire Stock
VCDL Joins GOA in Lawsuit to Stop BATFE’s Bump-Stock Ban: Bumpski Bump Fire Stock

Virginia – -( The bump-stock ban rule change has now been signed and is set to take effect in around 90 days. There were over 66,000 comments in opposition to the ban.

Virginia Citizens Defense League has opposed any bump-stock bans from the moment President Trump floated the idea after the Las Vegas massacre. (VCDL beat back bump-stock-ban bills in the General Assembly earlier this year, too.)

To that effect, Virginia Citizens Defense League has joined Gun Owners of America (GOA) in a lawsuit to overturn BATFE’s bump-stock ban regulation!

**As part of the lawsuit, a motion for an injunction will also be filed in a federal court to stop implementation of the bump-stock ban until there has been a ruling on the merits of the lawsuit. We don’t want people destroying their bump stocks, only to have the ban ultimately overturned!**

To ban bump stocks, the BATFE had to do a 180-degree turn, as several times before they said that bump stocks were perfectly legal and as a legal product; countless bump stocks have been sold.

BATFE is now taking the ridiculous and untenable position that bump stocks are …Read the Rest

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