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By Patriot Outdoor News

Lucky dog.

A Vancouver Island man rescued his beloved pet Dachshund last week from a cougar attack by punching the starving animal in the face, reports bc ctvnews.

Shawn Hanson had been on a fishing trip near Ucluelet on Friday, when a sickly looking cougar grabbed his dog, Bailey in its jaws and quickly ran off. Without a second thought, Hanson chased the animal until he caught up with it and grabbed the cat by the hind quarters, but the cat still wouldn’t release Bailey from its jaws:

“At that point there it was still hanging on so I reached back and I punched it in the face. It stunned it enough that it dropped my dog, so I scooped up my dog and pulled back.”

Except for a few small puncture wounds, the lucky pooch was fine.

Hanson said he left his dog at the campsite with friends and grabbed his rifle to find the cougar and scare it away from the area. When he confronted the sickly looking cat and fired a warning shot into the air, the cat didn’t even move; when it made lunges to attack, Hanson said he made the tough decision to shoot and kill …read more

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