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By Liz Darnell

For all practical purposes, modern trophy management for whitetail deer began in Texas.

Three decades ago, owners of large ranches implemented practices that they felt might improve the quality of the deer they were seeing. Today, these efforts have come to fruition, as Texas produces thousands of whitetail bucks with huge racks each year. But the efforts are ongoing, with a continual striving to take the deer to another level.

Most of these ranches are working cattle ranches and many are producers of oil. Now there is a third product—ranch owners have figured out that there is a lot of money in whitetails. Many ranches have several full-time employees that just run their deer management operations. Many of these ranches are upwards of 200 square miles in area. Sometimes the deer hunting rights for parcels are leased out, sometimes the ranch runs the hunts themselves, and with many of the larger ranches, it’s a combination of both.

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