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By Justin Stakes

CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light :

by Dennis L Johnson, MD, PhD, CAPT, USN, MC (ret) and Carolyn L Johnson, RN
CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light test and review.

CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light :
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United States -( We saw an impressive illumination device at this year’s SHOT SHOW that caught our attention because of its potential for ranch life.

The CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light ( )

It is a high performance LED light with easily adjustable intensity and focus. It is light weight (10 oz), compact (7×2.25″), portable, and gun-mountable on an integrated Picatinny rail. The rechargeable Lithium battery lasts hours at full intensity. It is designed, engineered and is manufactured in the USA with a 5-year warranty on its electronics.

Our property in Tennessee has expansive open, high-grass pastures bordered by dense timber and a centrally located pond; perfect for testing the utility of this illumination device.

The major advantage of the Predator is its excellent range, well beyond confident shooting distances. It effectively lights-up wildlife eyes but the red wavelength doesn’t stimulate the animals escape response. One can closely approach animals not possible with a more intrusive white light.

We were able to test the CoyoteLight Predator CL1 Hunting Light for over a …Read the Rest

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