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By Chad Adams

The Navy Coronavirus response has received criticism of late.

The hospital ship USNS Comfort began admitting patients from New Jersey hospitals recently. The Comfort remains at port in New York, assisting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that currently grips NYC. Now New Jersey state hospitals are coordinating with the Comfort, transferring patients across state lines and aboard the ship for care.


US Navy Public Perception Sinking Quick During Coronavirus Response

USNS Comfort Admitting New Jersey Patients

“Every one of those that we pull from the community or from the city hospitals is one more open bed for New Jersey hospitals to refill,” said Capt. Patrick Amersbach, commanding officer of the medical treatment facility aboard Comfort. “I’m very proud of the crew, our medical providers, nurses, support staff that are providing outstanding care to the people of New York City and New Jersey. We look at it as one patient at a time.”

The Navy response to COVID-19 received much criticism of late. Early on, the Comfort and its sister ship, the Mercy, failed to take on many patients. Then the USS Theodore Roosevelt returned to port in Guam due to an outbreak onboard. The …Read the Rest

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