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By Ammoland


NRA News commentator and Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Dom Raso is back with his new video commentary “Radical Islamic Terrorists Targeting Gun-Free Malls,” which warns that radical Islamic terrorists are in America and planning to attack our shopping malls. They’ve spent “generations of dreaming, planning and working,” says Raso, who recently released “The AR-15: Americans’ Best Defense Against Terror And Crime,” in which he called out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy for wanting to restrict Second Amendment freedoms while she has spent the last three decades being protected by guards armed with AR-15s. The video has been viewed over 7 million times.

In his new commentary, Raso draws on his 12 years of experience hunting down our enemies to assert that gun-free malls in states where politicians have reduced Second Amendment freedoms give Islamic terrorists and the lone wolves they inspire the upper hand, as they render Americans defenseless against impending attacks. After his warning and a graphic description of what an attack on a U.S. shopping mall would look like, Raso goes on to call out elitists who want to restrict our Second Amendment freedoms: “The people who want to restrict your right to bear arms will call this fear-mongering. They’ll …Read the Rest

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