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By Kyle Lynch

Camo Patterns

Camo Patterns

Reducing your visual signature is an important part of stealth operations and activities. This is important day or night, regardless of the technical capabilities of your opponent or the eyesight of your prey. Understanding the different camo patterns ensures tactical and sporting needs are met.

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Visual signature might include several factors, such as shape, color, texture, pattern, reflection, outline or the orientation of each. Weapons present visual signatures with similar factors, plus the flash and smoke from firing and dust or debris blasted from near the muzzle as the gun is fired. An adversary can use each as a target indicator, or your prey might recognize them as a threat.

The human outline is distinct in the animal world. A two-legged predator in a landscape populated by four-legged creatures is recognized as an immediate threat to all but apex four-legged predators. Using camouflage to break up the human outline …Read the Rest

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