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By James England

SARASOTA, FLORIDA — The sign says “No Guns Allowed” but there’s clearly no additional security precautions at the door. Just another “Gun Free Zone” for criminals, right? Well, according to some Florida lawmakers, if a business wants you to legally disarm before entering, they are now liable for what happens to you while you’re in their establishment.

According to the Miami Herald, the Florida Senate is now convening on SB 610. If passed and put into law, any Florida business owner that requires its customers and employees to disarm will be held liable for any damages resulting from violence on their premises.

“It’s the premise in Florida that if a private business wants to prohibit guns in their location that’s open to public, that’s fine they can do that,” Senate Judiciary Chairman Greg Steube said. “But if you’re going to do that, in my opinion, I should have some assumption that I’m going to be protected as a conceal-carry permit-holder because you’re taking away my ability to defend myself.”

Almost every major movie theater chain in the country imposes a “no weapons allowed” rule that extends to properly permitted, law-abiding citizens. Of course we know that criminals don’t obey …Read the Rest

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