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By Robert Farago

Lyburd's GLOCK and magazines (courtesy

After a UK teen named Liam Lyburd took the hump at being ejected from a college course, he decided to shoot his college classmates and toss around a few pipe bombs. Police foiled the aspiring mass murderer’s plot. Mr. Lyburd will now be housed at Her Majesty’s pleasure. What’s important from our point-of-view: the UK’s gun laws failed to prevent Mr. Lyburd from acquiring a GLOCK, three extended capacity ammunition magazines and 94 hollow-point 9mm rounds. In testimony before the court Lyburd said buying the gun was . . .

“just like buying a bar of chocolate. I didn’t see it as a big deal at the time.” Which all well and good, but how did Mr. Lyburd manage to buy a GLOCK, three “happy stick” mags and dozens of hollow-point bullets in a country where possessing ay of these items earns you more jail time than buggering a little boy? The UK press reports that Liam bought his gear “online” on “the dark web.” That’s all I can find on the subject.

It’s enough. Enough to demonstrate that even the strictest gun control laws don’t prevent mass killings. (Intel on the killer does.) Lyburd’s pipe bomb collection …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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