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By Tom Knighton

At a time when encroachment on the Second Amendment rights of millions of Americans is a very real threat, many counties have opted to simply refuse to enforce any new gun control laws that might come down the pipe. These sanctuary counties simply took the idea of cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws and turned them on their head.

This, of course, outraged anti-gunners who typically love sanctuary cities but forgot that our side of the debate had a say in some things as well.

Now, it seems two more counties from Tennessee have joined the growing list of sanctuary counties.

Jefferson and Sevier Counties are now considered “gun sanctuaries.” They join Monroe, Blount and Loudon Counties who previously passed similar resolutions.

Both counties passed the Second Amendment gun sanctuary resolutions Monday night at their county commission meetings. This comes after the Town of Dandridge passed a similar resolution earlier in October.

Stewart Harris, who spoke to 10News from WETS-FM in Johnson City before his weekly radio show, is a constitutional law professor at LMU Duncan School of Law. He said becoming a sanctuary city or county is more of a political statement than a constitutional …Read the Rest

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