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By Brandon Curtis

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Not all sales in person will go according to plan, and we’ve covered a lot of ‘Craigslist sales gone wrong’ stories in the past, but this is the first story that I can remember that showcases a gun sale that went south in the same manner.

A man and a woman went to meet another man, the potential buyer, at a local gas station. It would seem that the first man, according to the article and we’re assuming was the seller, pulled a gun and shot the other man at some point during the transaction. The second man returned fire.

Here’s how local media explained the situation;

Early information from the scene is that the male went to the convenience store with the female to sell a gun to another man. During the transaction inside the car, the first man pulled a gun and began shooting. The second man returned fire inside the car.

After the shooting the second man fled the area.


It seems that the first man and the woman were treated for injuries at the hospital, while the second man took off.

With this information, we can make …Read the Rest

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