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By Ammoland

Aero Precision Custom AR15 Rifles

by Bill Mooney

Two Reasons the AR-15 Will Continue to Be America’s Rifle!

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Aero Precision Custom AR15 Rifles

The real beauty of the AR-15 platform is how easy it is for a person to upgrade their rifle or customize it to their needs, body type, artistic eye and specific use. For most rifle upgrades or customization, you don’t need to send your rifle off to a gunsmith. Because the platform is so modular, most of the parts are plug and play with very little manipulation needed.

Each upgrade can serve one or multiple purposes. Upgrades can be for many purposes such as:

  • Performance
  • Making the rifle more accurate
  • Improving your performance with the rifle
  • Comfort
  • Weight reduction
  • Body adaptation
  • Use
  • Aesthetics
  • Colors
  • Style

Let’s look at some of the most popular AR-15 upgrade and customization parts.

Performance Upgrades:

Starting with the lower receiver, here are a few easy upgrades.


Upgrading a trigger can be quick and easy (with drop-in AR triggers) to a moderate upgrade. I personally upgrade my AR-15s with a Geissele SSA two-stage trigger for better and more accurate follow up shots. Learned this many years ago rabbit hunting with my good friend Dave. Using his upgraded rifle, I quickly noticed how my consistency on follow up shots …Read the Rest

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