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By James Rummel

old west gunfight

A friend suggested I check out new action show on television called Blindspot.

“You’ll love it!” sh gushed. “It has the most gunfights of any show I’ve ever seen!”

Oh, okay. But I thought Westerns weren’t popular anymore?

“It isn’t a Western, though. It takes place in modern times.”

Alright, I decided to give it a go.

The premise is that a naked woman is discovered in Times Square, suffering from amnesia and covered in tattoos.

The tattoos hold clues to serious crimes and conspiracies, so the FBI race to decipher the tats in order to prevent such things as terrorist attacks and the like.

Okay, fine. Interesting premise. Shows promise, I’d say.

The problem I had right out of the gate is how an extremely small team of three FBI agents are dispatched to investigate clues that are gleaned from the ink, and they let the amnesiac woman tag long!

Hell’s bells, people! Her skin is covered in clues about crimes and conspiracies! Doesn’t it occur to anyone that she most likely is complicit? And, when they discover that she has had extensive weapon and military training, no one seems to …Read the Rest

Source:: Hell In a Handbasket

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