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By Tim

Tucson City Council Building

Tucson City Council Building

You may or may not remember the University of Arizona shooting that took place in 2002 where 3 professors and the shooter died. Lisa Kaiser stood before the Tucson City Council just the other day to be an advocate for gun control.

Lisa was in college for her nursing classes and she says that she will never forget that day. She was starting a mid-term exam when the shooter came and shot the professor before continuing on and shooting himself.

“It’s never been about gun control,” she said. “It’s always been about gun violence prevention.”

An ex-gun dealer stood with Lisa as he explained the multiple loopholes that need to be closed in order for the system to work.

“These loopholes allow gun dealers to sell guns to those who have not yet cleared the background check. “

A board member from Arizonans for Gun Safety also spoke to the council about reinforcing gun control.

“Are guns getting into the wrong hands every day? They are, we see it…there’s tragedies every day,” said Chris Kitaeff, board member for Arizonans for Gun Safety. “Then there’s dozens of others we don’t see in the media that are happening.”

After the multiple testimonies given by these people, …read more

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