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By Beth Baumann

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson debated the need for firearms with gun control activist and Guns Down America’s senior policy adviser Mark Glaze on Tuesday night. The two faced off over one major point of contention for gun owners: gun control leader Michael Bloomberg surrounding himself with armed security.

The declaration

Carlson asked Glaze why Bloomberg should have the protection of a firearm but the average American cannot.

“I wonder, if guns are so bad — and people often say this but I’ve never gotten a real answer — why does Mike Bloomberg have armed bodyguards?” Carlson asked Glaze.

“I don’t get it. If I run a bodega in the Bronx, I don’t get to carry a gun. I’m in a lot of danger. Mike Bloomberg doesn’t think I should have a gun, doesn’t think I should be trusted,” Carlson explained. “And yet he runs around — because he’s a billionaire — with all of these guys with automatic weapons. Why is that fair for him but not for the bodega guy?”

Glaze responded: “That’s what he’s protecting himself against. The bad guys with guns.”

“What about the bodega owner?” Carlson retorted. “He’s not allowed to have a gun but Mike Bloomberg is because his life is …Read the Rest

Source:: The Blaze

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