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By Dan Zimmerman


Like many in the gun buying community, I follow fads with firearms and buy into marketing hype. I had a couple skinny 9’s, and sold them. I have a pocket .380 and try to leave it in my safe whenever possible. I had a grip of GLOCKs, and sold them. I did the government 1911 thing for a while, wanting to carry what I compete with until I wore a hole in my favorite pair of jeans from that ridiculously long muzzle in my IWB holster . . .

The 1911 represented my first serious exposure to steel-framed guns. I got into guns during the height of GLOCK’s dominance on the competitive circuit, so plastic frames obviously made the most sense. I shot my GLOCKs to the left (my issue, not the gun’s), and I couldn’t hammer out the hellacious split times many could on follow-ups.

I switched to steel-framed guns as they became en vogue and holes started magically appearing down range where I wanted them to. All of a sudden I could call my shots. My sights settled back on target more consistently. The flex in plastic frames kept me from using as much grip strength as I should …Read the Rest

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