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By Dan Zimmerman


The Smith &Wesson M&P9c is my go-to everyday carry gun. It wasn’t my first choice, but once I crunched some numbers and got it in my hand I realized it was the right choice. I started out carrying an M&P9 full-size (and sometimes still do), but found that in the summer it was just easier to carry a smaller, more slender gun. That persuaded me to buy a S&W Shield in 9mm, but I wanted more rounds before having to reload if necessary. That’s how I got to my final carry gun, the S&W M&P9c . . .

The 9c strikes the perfect balance between concealability, ergonomics and capacity. Sure, I could carry a GLOCK 19 and get three more rounds, but having the 17-round magazines from my full-size M&P9 at my disposal makes it easy to carry a full-size mag with an X-Grip grip extension if I feel the need.

I outfitted the M&P9c with a pair of XS Big Dot night sights and recently added a Crimson Trace green Laserguard. I’m left-handed, which is why I chose to use the Laserguard versus the grip-mounted laser. Having the laser out in front …Read the Rest

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