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By Dan Zimmerman

Unfortunately, I have the misfortune to live in what very nearly became (and some people claim still is) the occupied territory of a far western Chicago suburb. While many would be amazed that I have any need for self defense in this glorious socialist paradise, the reality of my job is that a support engineer is the nearest one will come to a consulting detective outside a Holmes novel. Often times, you are called to go to very shady places at very shady times of the day to fix a multi-million dollar machine that somebody managed to make not work . . .

This being the Democratic People’s Republik of Chiraq, these sorts of industrial facilities tend to not be in shall we say… “Prime Neighborhoods” and a short pasty guy in business clothes walking out of a facility at 6 AM before the morning shift comes in tends to attract all sorts of interest. Unfortunately, up until very recently, the People’s Commissariat had decreed that there was no need for any member of the proletariat to carry any form of self defense tools in our glorious People’s Republic and any comments to the contrary were to be considered …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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