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By Dan Zimmerman


I currently work for a small private company in the Richmond, Virginia area that provides private law enforcement and security and specializes in high-crime, low-income apartments. As part of my daily assignments it’s not uncommon to make arrests from simple crimes such as trespassing or open containers to more serious crimes like possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute. Most times we are on-sight before police arrive and are more likely to accidently walk into criminal activity than have a heads up from dispatch. We use the term ‘protective service Agent’ for what I do which provides a more professional and versatile definition than just plain security . . .

As part of my daily duty wear, I have a Point Blank vest equipped with Level IIIa soft armor and a level IV ceramic plate in the front. I carry all the usual tools that a police officer would usually have on their duty belt. As a certified EMT, I also carry a very well-stocked IFAK that will act as an active shooter EMS bag, capable of treating traumatic gunshot wound victims.

My primary duty weapon is a GLOCK 22 with 175gr Hornady …Read the Rest

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