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By Dan Zimmerman

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I’ve carried the spectrum of handguns from a G20 to a NAA mini-revolver. TTAG has been there to help guide the last few purchases, so here’s a condensed version of the journey:

Kimber CDP, .45ACP: An absolute joy to shoot, the CDP is still my favorite range piece. It was my only pistol when I received my first CCW permit, so I carried it in a CrossBreed SuperTuck. It didn’t take long to admit that a 5” barrel and checkered wood grips weren’t comfortable or concealable under a t-shirt . . .

Kahr P40, .40S&W: As a student of 1980’s FBI ballistic tests (who wasn’t?), I was once a firm believer in the absolute compromise of power and capacity, the .40S&W. The Kahr was a slick piece, with a fine trigger and usable sights. The recoil was stout, and the pistol itself tended to break a spring or fail to extract every 50-100rds, so I moved on.

GLOCK 23, .40S&W: I still appreciated .40S&W, but wanted to increase reliability and ‘shootability’ (decrease recoil). The G23 was all of that, and more. I carried the G23 for a couple years, sometimes with a .357Sig conversion barrel, …Read the Rest

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