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By Dan Zimmerman


There is one pistol that’s always with me, and that is my Ruger LCP. While some may snort derisively at my choice to carry a weapon with such diminutive proportions and limited capacity, one that fires a marginal cartridge, I say, “Snort away, you guys.” I know many consider a micro .380 to be a backup piece, or maybe a decent second choice if circumstances preclude strapping on a bigger gat, but I use this Lilliputian pistol as my primary carry gun every day . . .

Without venturing too deeply into platitude-land, the gun you have on you beats the gun you left at home, or something along those lines. The LCP never gets left at home. Unlike my G26, I never have to worry about dressing around the LCP.

The little Ruger rides in my front pocket, snugged up in a pocket holster. Carried this way, the gun goes beyond being concealed to veritably invisible. Shorts, long pants, t-shirt, hoodie – as long as I’m wearing some form of pants, I’m armed with no one else being any the wiser. While Washington is technically an open carry state, Seattle, where I make my humble home, isn’t exactly …Read the Rest

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