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By Rob Pincus

2AO Bump Stock Ban


Trump Bump Stock Ban: Now What?

USA – -( This week, with the stroke of a pen, President Donald Trump took a bolder Gun Control step than President Obama ever did. And, he’s done it with the protection of the NRA… at least as much protection as they can give.

The National Rifle Association has said that they are “disappointed” in the Bump Stock Ban, but they technically initiated the focus on this gimmicky accessory just days after one was involved in the Las Vegas Killings in October 2017… and shortly after meeting with President Trump in the Whitehouse to craft a response. The NRA’s influence on the loud social conservative segment of gun owners is important to the view of President Trump’s base, but not very important beyond it. The NRA has been under attack for many reasons from millions of gun owners, and the vast majority of gun owners (over 90%) have just chosen not to support the organization. The machinations of the NRA Leadership, their odd allegiance to President Trump despite his betrayal and the ever louder voices of leaders inside the gun community aligned against them both are important to the broad landscape of gun rights …Read the Rest

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