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By Robert Farago

TTAG runs a lot of police and cameraphone video of cops gone wild – especially when they end with a questionable “ballistic solution.” The Trinity Texas Police Department posted the video as a well-deserved attaboy for Officer Wheeler. I’d have been inclined to put a little distance between myself and the driver and/or changed the angle to make firing a little more difficult when I spotted the gun, but those are minor quibbles from an armchair quarterback. No question: this is an excellent example of a police officer who gets it right. Of particular note . . .

is the way Officer Wheeler changes his tone of voice to alternatively command and calm the perp. He’s respectful yet forceful when he needs to be, successfully achieving compliance. We hope that more police departments will release bodycam footage of cops dealing with difficult situations with admirable professionalism. TTAG will continue to post them when they involve firearms. We invite alert readers and police PR to send links to [email protected]

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