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By Nate Parker

Sometimes there is a drill out there that becomes your nemesis. It haunts you, it laughs in your face, and inspires you to work harder and dive deeper. A drill called the “300”, or Bullseye 3-Way, came to my attention several years ago from the late Todd Green, who ran
To give an example of what it looks like, at the top is an unedited video from start to finish of me shooting the drill with an S&W 66-1. Pro tip, make sure you have enough staples in the staple gun before starting to video a drill. Enjoy.
The drill is actually an abbreviated version of another drill that is called “The Humbler”, or the 700 Point Aggregate. The word on the street is that the 700 Point Aggregate was designed for and used by U.S. Special Forces and that Larry Vickers is likely the one who popularized the drill. Of course, that is all at least fourth or fifth hand information, so take it with a grain of salt. I don’t know that the origin of the drill really matters, because it will stand or not on its own merit. To the best of my knowledge though, that is where


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