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By Eve Flanigan

Two students use the PDN truck’s tires as cover. (Photo: Team HB)
Rob Pincus, founder of the Combat Focus Training method and Executive Director of Personal Defense Network (PDN), as well as other PDN instructors, are currently on a national tour of training events. I was fortunate to spend two days with my best friend, taking PDN classes at the beautiful Gypsum, Colorado Gun Club range. This is an account of one class, Combat Focus Carbine, and my experience in the class.
It was clear from the outset that the lesson plan is designed for practical use by the civilian. Use of the carbine in the close quarters of the average house or around a vehicle was the focus.
Of course, safety was part of the introductory material before gun handling began. Pincus emphasized the inherent physical risks associated with firearm handling and shooting. He made clear the expectation of muzzle-down or muzzle-on-target orientation for the day, stating “the folks on the other side of the berm didn’t sign the waiver.” This and other instruction throughout the day was balanced with context. In this case, Pincus added that muzzle-up orientation is appropriate in certain theatres, the likes of which we’d not be facing


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