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By Nick Leghorn

Gun porn courtesy of Tracking Point

A couple months ago TrackingPoint was circling the drain. Despite their cool tech and great PR videos the guns just weren’t selling, and even their down-market versions were sitting on the shelves. It looked like TrackingPoint had reached market saturation with the civilian population and the military and law enforcement agencies hadn’t fully bought in. After a couple months without taking orders it looks like TrackingPoint is getting back on its feet and re-launching once more . . .

From the press release:

TrackingPoint announced today the successful completion of a financial and operational restructuring. The company is accepting new orders while fulfilling its backlog of existing orders. In the spring of 2015, TrackingPoint temporarily suspended production and deliveries in order to put the company back on a strong financial footing. TrackingPoint previously announced 2014 year-on-year unit growth of 281%, and its management indicated that the rapid growth subsequently outstripped the company’s ability to manage its operations.

TrackingPoint’s founding team of John Lupher and John McHale has returned to manage the company going forward. John Lupherreassumes his founding role as Vice President of Engineering, while John McHale, formerly Chairman, returns to his original role as CEO. “We …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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