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By Chris Eger

The SXS German-made double, likely a black powder gun made with Damascus steel, dates from 1892 and is thought to be worth four figures. (Photo: Jon Anderson/Hoover Sun)
An 84-year-old man was able to recover a 19th Century German shotgun that he dropped off to be disposed of after city officials pointed out it was likely valuable.
The Hoover Sun reported that the North Alabama city of Hoover had a pretty good haul at an annual event designed to get rid of household hazardous waste such as old paint, pesticides, batteries and questionable cleaning products, with some 1,400 area residents dropping off items on April 19. There was, however, a little bit of boom dropped off to include a .22 revolver, a pellet gun, 50-75 pounds worth of ammo (mostly oxidized shotgun shells), some fireworks and an old shotgun.
How old?
Like 1892 made in Imperial Germany back when they had a Kaiser old. The owner, who had the shotgun in his family for generations, had been told it was unshootable after trying to get ammunition for it at local gun shops and had decided to get rid of it.
While city officials at first said they were going to melt the old double down,


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