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Every month, publishes a monthly Top Selling Report listing the Top 5 Best Selling Guns for each major category of firearms sold on This culminates in a comprehensive year-end report detailing the Top Selling Firearms of the Year for all categories (rifles, pistols, shotguns). Within that report there are break-downs by type. For example there are four (4) categories of rifles: Bolt-Action, Semi-Auto, Lever Action, and Single Shot.
In today’s Bulletin article we feature the Top Ten Bolt-Action Rifles sold new on in 2023. In order, these are:

1. Ruger American Rifle
2. Remington Model 700
3. Browning X-Bolt
4. Savage 10/110
5. Savage Axis

6. CZ-USA Model 457
7. Tikka T3
8. Mossberg Patriot
9. Weatherby Vanguard
10. Winchester Model 70

BONUS: TIKKA T3x vs. Ruger American

Here are two of the Top 10 best-selling bolt-action rifles compared head-to-head. This detailed video compares the #1-selling Ruger American rifle with the #7-ranked Tikka T3x. The reviewers explain the key differences and the pros and cons of each type. The video examines the receivers, barrels, triggers, and stocks of the Tikka and the Ruger. What’s the bottom line? Well the Ruger has a price advantage, but the Tikka T3x has a better trigger, nicer action, better magazines, and probably better 5-shot

Source: Accurate Shooter

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