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By Sara Tipton


Well, it’s official. I will soon be the owner of a Sharpe’s Bros. Jack lower receiver for my new custom AR15. I have placed my order and submitted the FFL number from the local gun store via fax, and I am still excited. When entering the gun store yesterday to make my purchase, I couldn’t stop smiling. I have been wanting one of these lowers since I first saw one. They aren’t cheap . . .

At $300 they are some of the most expensive stripped lowers on the market. But I paid more than $300. I paid $345 with taxes and shipping to California. It also won’t ship for two more weeks because of this lower’s popularity with custom gun builders.

Once it does arrive, then the hard part begins. As Kenny, the gun store owner said “now you wait. This is the easiest part of buying a lower online.” I will still have to pay for my own background check in CA, pay to register my “weapon” and wait ten days after the Jack lower arrives at Kenny’s gun shop before I can even touch it.

“California has changed so much just since I opened this store,” …read more

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