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By Harold Hutchison

the second amendment is your Right


La Segunda Enmienda es tu derecho. or the Second Amendment is your right needs better translation.

United States – -( The NRA is arguably the best defender of our Second Amendment rights. I’m not asking you to just take my word for it. Ask Andrew Cuomo, who has resorted to the misuse of financial regulations to silence the political opposition to his extreme anti-Second Amendment agenda. However, the NRA isn’t always perfect. Lately, it’s having trouble in the suburbs.

Winning the suburbs is important, but there is also a need to reach out to urban areas. One necessity of doing that will be to deal with the fact that over 250 cities and counties will be required to print ballots in multiple languages, according to the Pew Research Center.

Let’s get one thing aside: Ideally, every citizen in the United States, whether natural-born or naturalized, should have command of the English language that they can vote with an English ballot.

That ideal is not the reality, though, and ignoring reality is a good way to suddenly find that you’re in a bad situation trying to figure out what will cause the least damage to our …Read the Rest

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