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By Bob Owens

troy ave
Troy Ave (right) fired a shot an an unknown figure out of frame to the left. He managed to end up shooting himself in the leg, and killing his bodyguard, who appears to be the man standing behind him in this photo.

We’ve pounded this drum relentlessly, and we’re going to keep pounding it: we do not have a “gun violence” problem in the United States. Per capita homicide is at an all time low according to the FBI, while gun sales are setting new records almost every month.

What we do have, however, is a situation where small cultural groups champion the tool of violence as a solution to many problems. These can range from so-called “educational beatdowns” to indiscriminate fire with illegal automatic weapons into crowds to anything in between. We most frequently find this behavior in geographically condensed urban areas, at the intersection where gangs, drugs, poverty, and “gangsta” music intersect.

We saw a stunning example of this culture of violence Wednesday night, when a rapper named Troy Ave pulled a handgun and opened fire before high school drop-out/drug dealer/convicted felon rapper named T.I. took the stage at a venue in New York City.

Ave managed to to kill his own …Read the Rest

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