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By Terril James Herbert

The .25 ACP is tiny. A box of 50 goes right into my hand. The relative low power of the round had very little to do with its demise. (Photo: Terril Herbert)
Pocket pistols are the mainstay of the concealed carry market today. Though a larger, more capable pistol is always better, a gun that can easily fit in a pocket is key to program compliance — having a gun on you when you need it. The world has always been full of miscreants, but it is interesting to note that pocket pistols don’t change much, but when they do, it is in quantum leaps.
From the 1840s up through the turn of the century, single action pocket revolvers were extremely popular. From the turn of the 20th century until recently, snubnosed revolvers and pocket 25 ACP pistols were very popular.
Today, concealed carry is a popular topic in a way it wasn’t back then. There is a huge amount of information and product out there for consumption. With all these changes, many platforms and cartridge have survived the leap into newfound popularity. The .38 Special revolver, for instance, remains very popular. The .380 ACP has made a comeback. Its contemporary, the .25


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