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By Salvatore

More Americans are well armed now than ever before despite the constant attack on our Second Amendment by the anti-gun propaganda machine. At the time of this writing there is roughly 12 million Americans with a concealed carry permit and obviously tens of millions more that keep a gun in the house for protection. When people become new firearms owners for defensive applications they often go through a predictable period of confusion regarding what weaponry and other equipment they should acquire. In this article I seek to suggest the three primary classes of defensive firearms that you should consider to be truly squared away and prepared for the bad things that roam this world.

First Priority: Full-Size or Compact Combat Handgun

If you are just entering the concealed carry fold or if you are just getting a gun to protect the house for the first time the weapon that I believe should be first priority, and many will second this, is a full-size or compact combat handgun. Typically this should be chambered in 9mm. The most recommended variety of handgun is going to be a polymer-framed striker-fired pistol as these have a simpler manual of arms than other alternatives and they are …Read the Rest

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