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By Kristin Alberts

Whether the intended target is as small as ground squirrels or as large as winter coyotes, having the right hunting rifle can make all the difference. From less damaging rimfire rounds on up to flatter shooting centerfires, bolt actions to semi-automatics, the options are plenty on both new and used gun racks. Here is a trio of our favorite varmint rifles all borrowed from the GDC Vault.
Howa 1500 Ranch Land Combo
Howa Model 1500 bolt action rifles from Legacy Sports International are quite underrated hunting guns, with capable accuracy for a reasonable price. These bolt guns are available in a nice range of calibers ideal for varminters. From .223 Rem to .243 Win these calibers are suited for all sorts of furbearing predators. While the 1500 action comes in a variety of specialty models, configurations and stocks, we especially appreciate the bang-for-the-buck that varmint hunters get with the Howa Ranch Land rifle/scope combo.
While most Howa 1500 bolt actions would suffice for varmint hunters, our Ranch Land compact Combo is almost purpose-built for such wieldy predator pursuit (Kristin Alberts/
While any of the Howa 1500 bolt actions will suffice for varmint hunters, this Ranch Land compact package model seems purpose-built for such predator


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