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By David Tong

Thompson 1928A1 Submachine Gun Left Side Markings

by David Tong
Firearms historian, David Tong, gets the chance to briefly shoot a piece of machine gun history, the Thompson 1928A1 Submachine Gun.

Thompson 1928A1 Submachine Gun Left Side Markings
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

USA – -( USA – -( General John T. Thompson was a U.S. Army officer involved in small arms development.

At the outbreak of WWI, he decided to resign from the military and went into the employ of Remington Arms of Ilion, NY. He was instrumental in setting up the now-defunct Eddystone government arsenal that built many hundreds of thousands of Moisin-Nagant rifles for the Imperial Russian government.

However, Thompson’s primary focus was in the development of auto-loading small arms. He became acquainted with a retired USN commander named John Blish, and was attempting to develop a rifle caliber weapon using the so-called “Blish Lock.”

This was a friction lock meant to delay the opening of a bolt when pressures had dropped to a safe level. This was something that Cmdr. Blish had noticed had worked with naval cannon, but miniaturizing it for the use with a rifle was apparently unworkable, as it did not function well with the …Read the Rest

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